Boldings Fish Camp

Nearly thirty eager anglers came to the Shropshire edition of this year's Fish Camp at Boldin...

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Fish Camp White Acres Weekend

We've just back from a superb Fish Camp weekend down at White Acres Fishery on the Parkdean c...

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Fish Camp Launch Event 2014

The first of a calendar filled with Fish Camp events was a huge success, with over 20 anglers enj...

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Plumb The Depth With A Pole

Plumbing the depth with a pole is very east and extremely accurate. This will allow you to present a bait at dead depth, perfect for timid biting fish as you will see every single knock on the float.

Here we will explain how to plumb up accurately and efficiently to get you catching the most fish you can!

Unhook your rig from the base of the pole section then pass the hook through the loop on top of the plummet and into the cork at the bottom of the plummet. Next you should swing the rig out into the water while holding the base of your tip section and connect your top section to the rest of the pole that you have already set up. Slowly ship out your pole to the distance you have decided to fish, pick a permanent marker on the far bank to line up with for accuracy then lift the pole up to straighten the rig underneath the connector. Slowly lower the pole until you feel the heavy plummet touch the bottom of the lake; make a note of whether your float is visible and need moving down or has disappeared and need moving up. Ship the pole back, move your float to where you think would be the right depth. Repeat this process until you get it perfect, you should be able to see the whole of your pole float's tip.


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