Fish Camp Launch Event 2014

The first of a calendar filled with Fish Camp events was a huge success, with over 20 anglers enj...

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Fish Camp Anglers Announced

The provisional angler line up for this year's series of Fish Camp events has been announced ...

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Fish Camp 2014 Dates Announced

Following the success of 2013's Fish Camp events, Club Korum and Improve Your Coarse Fishing ...

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Setting Up A Pole Rig

Setting up your pole rig could not be any simpler thanks to the Club Korum Pole Fishing Kit! Pole fishing is a fantastic way to fish, allowing you to set up quickly, fish quietly and cause very little disturbance that the fish do not like. The pole uses elastic as a shock absorber instead of bending like a rod. Your rig can be attached to the pole very simply by using the connecter that is already on the pole. The Club Korum pole is elasticated with Preston Innovations match tackle, so should you want to replace your elastic or change it to a heavier or lighter variety, just ask at your nearest Preston dealer. 

How to set up your pole rig
Step01: Choose which pole rig you are going to be using for your session.

Step02: Remove the elasticated winder from the pin on the winder.

Step03: Pull back the locking collar on the pole elastic connector.

Step04: Hook the loop of line into the connector and close the locking collar.

Step05: Carefully unravel the whole rig from the winder.

Step06: Hook your hook onto the base of the pole to keep it tidy before plumbing the depth.

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