Boldings Fish Camp

Nearly thirty eager anglers came to the Shropshire edition of this year's Fish Camp at Boldin...

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Fish Camp White Acres Weekend

We've just back from a superb Fish Camp weekend down at White Acres Fishery on the Parkdean c...

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Fish Camp Launch Event 2014

The first of a calendar filled with Fish Camp events was a huge success, with over 20 anglers enj...

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Setting Up Your Pole

Setting up a pole is a very simple task. The poles included in your Club Korum Kit are extremely day to set up and if you follow this easy to use guide, you are sure to be set up in under a minute!

The pole included in the kit is a put over pole, each section of the pole fits into the next, allowing you to break down the pole to land a fish, and add or remove a section at a time when you want to fish further out or closer in.

To set up your pole, just follow these easy steps and you won't go wrong!

Step01: Remove the black cap at the thicker, butt end of your pole.

Step02: Pull out each section starting with the thinnest section, lay them against a rod rest to prevent damage.

Step03: Extend the telescopic tip section of the top kit carefully and un-stick the connector at the end.

Step04: Holding the top section by it's thickest end, place the next section into it securely.

Step05: Repeat this for as many sections as needed to reach the spot you wish to fish.

Step06: When you have reached this distance ship the pole back over a bag or pole roller.


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