Boldings Fish Camp

Nearly thirty eager anglers came to the Shropshire edition of this year's Fish Camp at Boldin...

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Fish Camp White Acres Weekend

We've just back from a superb Fish Camp weekend down at White Acres Fishery on the Parkdean c...

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Fish Camp Launch Event 2014

The first of a calendar filled with Fish Camp events was a huge success, with over 20 anglers enj...

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Setting Up A Feeder Rig

When setting up a feeder fishing rig there are several things to make sure you do before you cast out! Make sure you are not interfering with other anglers when using a feeder, you may be casting further than you think and encroaching on other anglers and the spot they are fishing. Secondly your rig must be safe for the fish.  This is to ensure that in the even of an unfortunate snap off, the fish will not be dragging a heavy feeder around the lake. If you can manage these, you will be catching plenty of fish safe in the knowledge that you are not creating problems with other anglers and looking after the welfare of the fish at the same time.

Step01: Pass your reel line through the bead on one of the supplied Feedabeads.

Step02: Pull the Quick Change bead apart.

Step03: Thread your reel line through the thick end of the bead and through the small hole, as shown.

Step04: Tie a four turn Grinner knot to secure the Quick Change Bead.

Step05: Unravel one of your ready-tied hook links and attach it onto the hook on the Quick Change bead.

Step06: Pull the sleeve of the bead back down, securing the hook link.

Step07: Unclip the Feedabead's swivel clip.

Step08: Attach your chosen feeder, secure the clip and you are ready to fish!

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When To Use A Float

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