Fish Camp Anglers Announced

The provisional angler line up for this year's series of Fish Camp events has been announced ...

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Fish Camp 2014 Dates Announced

Following the success of 2013's Fish Camp events, Club Korum and Improve Your Coarse Fishing ...

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Zach's Day to Remember

Zach Perry netted the best 16th birthday present of his dreams.  The sixteen year old has be...

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Setting Up A Feeder Rod

It's now time to show you how to put together an awesome feeder fishing setup that will keep you catching fish all day long.

Step01: First of all you will need to remove the 10ft Elements Feeder Rod from the bag.

Step02: You'll need to slide each section together, from the thick end to the thin, tip section.

Step03: Make sure the rings on the rod are all lined up, without them being lined up you won't be able to cast or reel in

Step04: Connect the reel into the reel seat on the rod.

Step05: Screw down the top section of the reel seat to keep your reel secure.

Step06: Remove your line from under the clip on your reel and open the bail arm, as shown

Step07: Pass the line up through each ring on your rod

Step08: Close the bail arm on the reel and you are ready to rig up your feeder rod.

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