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TENCH - Tinca Tinca

The Tench is a hard fighting fish that gives exceptional sport during the months of summer. Prior to the 1970’s a fish of 7lb was considered the catch of a lifetime. However, as the popularity of Carp fishing has grown, so has the weight of the Tench, taking advantage of the Carp angler’s boilies. Fish of 7lb are regularly banked during the course of a season and it is, therefore, now considered the specimen weight amongst the angling community.

Tench have a short, thickset body and paddle-like fins with round edges. The mouth of the Tench is turned down, with thick rubbery lips that have two barbels, one at each corner. This is a telltale sign that the Tench is primarily a bottom feeder. The colouring of the Tench can vary from a deep bronze to olive green, depending on the type of water that it is taken from. The flanks are a lighter shade and adorned with tiny scales, well embedded within the skin. The eyes are small relative to the size of the Tench, with bright red irises. The body is covered in a thick mucous which gives the fish both a satin texture and look on the bank.

BRITISH RECORD - 15lb 3oz - Caught by Darren Ward from Sheepwalk Lake, Shepperton, Middlesex, 2001.


1lb - 5lb tench

POLE: Both the Club Korum Elements and CS Series poles are strong enough for tench of this size.

ROD: Club Korum and CS Series float and feeder rods are perfect for small, hard fighting tench on commercial venues. The softer action prevents hookpulls and is ideally suited to tenching. The rods are also made for casting out smaller floats and feeders, so will be very easy to use.

REEL: The Club Korum and CS Series reels are small and light, great when catching lots of tench on the float and feeder.

LINE: Use a 4lb main line to help absorb the lunges of bigger tench and use at least a 4lb breaking strain hooklink.

HOOKS: A size 18 will be okay for smaller tench, but use a 16 when fishing tight to islands or overhanging trees, to prevent losing bigger fish.

TACTICS: Try a small open end feeder filled with groundbait and maggots, using a maggot hookbait. If float fishing with rod or pole, casters and small pellets are a great option.

6lb-15lb tench

ROD: Korum Neoteric XS rods are perfect for anglers seeking specimen tench. The 12ft Twin Top will suit anglers using a bite alarm static approach, whilst the Multi Quiver will suit feeder fishermen. Both the 11ft and 13ft Power Float rods will tame big tench when waggler fishing.

REEL: The CS Series reel is great for float fishing for tench, but the KXi Freespin and KZ-R Mini Pit are more suitable for fishing larger venues with a static, multi-rod approach.  

LINE: Use an 8lb main line to help absorb the lunges of bigger tench and use at least a 6lb breaking strain hooklink.

HOOKS: A size 16 will be okay in open water, but use a 12 or even a 10 when fishing tight to islands or overhanging trees, to prevent losing bigger fish.

TACTICS: Try Method feeder fishing with a fishmeal groundbait, using fake sweetcorn or a small fruity boilie on a hair rig. If float fishing, hemp and casters are ideal baits, as are small pellets and corn.


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