Boldings Fish Camp

Nearly thirty eager anglers came to the Shropshire edition of this year's Fish Camp at Boldin...

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Fish Camp White Acres Weekend

We've just back from a superb Fish Camp weekend down at White Acres Fishery on the Parkdean c...

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Fish Camp Launch Event 2014

The first of a calendar filled with Fish Camp events was a huge success, with over 20 anglers enj...

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Find Out What You've Caught!

The UK's water ways are booming with a wide variety of hard-fighting fish species. Here, we reveal how you can identify your catch, but also give some recommendations on the tackle and baits that are best to try and catch each species.

The UK's waterways are booming with a variety of fish stocks and wildlife. Find out more here...




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BREAM - Abramis Brama There are two types of British freshwater Bream, The Bronze Bream and the smaller Silver Bream. Due to its wider distribution and larger...



Gudgeon - Gobio gobio The Gudgeon can be found in stillwaters, canals and rivers feeding on bottom dwelling organisms such as midge, caddis-fly and may-fly la...



Roach - Rutilus Rutilus Roach are the target of many pleasure and match anglers. This is partly due to the wide distribution of the fish throughout the Briti...



Rudd - Scardinius Erythropthalmus Rudd are a popular fish amongst anglers, due to their shoal mentality. They will take bait all year and tend to hang around...



Perch - Perca Fluviatilis The Perch is a beautiful fish with striking features, which make it one of the most easily recognisable of all British freshwater fi...


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How To Hook Maggots

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