Boldings Fish Camp

Nearly thirty eager anglers came to the Shropshire edition of this year's Fish Camp at Boldin...

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Fish Camp White Acres Weekend

We've just back from a superb Fish Camp weekend down at White Acres Fishery on the Parkdean c...

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Fish Camp Launch Event 2014

The first of a calendar filled with Fish Camp events was a huge success, with over 20 anglers enj...

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The UK's water ways are booming with a wide variety of hard-fighting fish species. Here, we reveal how you can identify your catch, but also give some recommendations on the tackle and baits that are best to try and catch each species.

The UK's waterways are booming with a variety of fish stocks and wildlife. Find out more here...




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CARP- Cyprinius Carpio The Common Carp is arguably the number one target fish in the British Isles. These hard battling fish provide some of the most exciting...


Crucian Carp

Crucian Carp - Carassius carassius The Crucian Carp whilst of the same family as the Common Carp is different in that it doesn't have barbules and rarely ...



TENCH - Tinca Tinca The Tench is a hard fighting fish that gives exceptional sport during the months of summer. Prior to the 1970’s a fish of 7lb was c...



BARBEL - Barbus barbus The Barbel is a fast water fighter and a worthy adversary for any coarse fisherman. A Barbel of 7lb is considered a specimen and anythi...



Chub - Leuciscus Cephalus The Chub is one of the most obliging of British river fish, with a voracious appetite. It is considered to be one of the most hard ...


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